Arts, Music & Culture in Los Cabos, MX

When you stay at our relaxing villa, El Colibri, the sights and sounds of Mexico are all around you. Crashing waves, chirping birds, desert blooms, and nature’s animals create a chorus that’s the backdrop to your vacation. If you’re tired of the beach however, it’s time to head into town that’s only 20 minutes away from our dream villa.  San Jose del Cabo is a mecca of arts, music and culture that can only be found in Southern Baja.

Walking the Art Galleries

If artwork is your passion, Los Cabos has you covered with a weekly art walk that runs between November and June each year. Located in the historic art district, the cobblestone streets are bustling with people every Thursday strolling from gallery to gallery, giving the quaint downtown core a different ambiance.

Every Thursday afternoon and evening, the art galleries open up their doors and cut off the street to only pedestrian onlookers. Vendors will entice you with fine wine and tequila, as you wander between galleries and take in their amazing pieces of art. Don’t miss Ivan Guaderrama, Galeria de Ida Victoria or the Frank Arnold Gallery where you might find a special keepsake to bring home!

Between all of the art-gazing, be sure to enjoy some of the best eats and drinks…..between mezcal tasting at La Lupita and mesquite-grilled seafood platters at L’Ostera, you’ll be full in every sense of the word.

Listening to Live Musicians

Even though it is much different than the Cabo party scene, the San Jose night life comes alive as Thursday, Friday and Saturday arrives.  You’ll find most live music in popular San Jose del Cabo’s restaurants, such as Tropicana, L’Ostera, and La Lupita, so eat, drink and dance the night away!

For an alternative musical location, consider the rooftop at the El Ganzo Hotel. Situated at the PLC marina, this hotel offers monthly Saturday night concerts to the hippest crowds in Southern Baja.

For a more personalized touch, mariachi bands are constantly wandering the streets of San Jose del Cabo with their guitars and big smiles. With only three people to each band, these groups work hard for their tips so be ready with your song request and be sure to give them some monetary appreciation for their efforts.

Taking in the Regional History

The church remains a center piece of life in this charming town with stage acts and crafts for sale in the church square and immediate area. This region is kept as an original statement to the founders of the town, which makes it perfect for those photography buffs who want to capture a timeless image.

Explore the main attractions in San Jose del Cabo, including:

In the surrounding space, take some time out to browse through the local stores that are run by indigenous families. Support their livelihoods as you come away with beautiful souvenirs. Don’t forget to enjoy the municipal hall that’s filled with historical significance. The nearby courtyard is a breathtaking example of historical beauty.

Whether you’re looking for a place to enjoy some live tunes or learn about local history, San Jose del Cabo is your source for everything that’s quintessentially Mexican. Our beach villa is your solution to a good night’s sleep after exploring the nature, culture and adventure that surrounds El Colibri.  Enjoy the seclusion with barefoot blissful living that’s just waiting to be booked during any season.

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