Practical Tips for Your Holiday to the East Cape of San Jose del Cabo

The beaches are beckoning you as your party touches down at Los Cabos International Airport. Don’t waste any time, stock up in town and head out to the East Cape beaches as soon as possible. Keep these friendly tips in mind as you prepare to sink your feet into the soft, Mexican sand outside of your beautiful villa, El Colibri.

  1. Straighten Out the Currency

The national currency remains the Mexican peso, which has a lower value than the United States and Canadian dollar at this time. You can actually save money while you shop and dine in Mexico. To access your bank account, use your everyday ATM or debit card at any of the nearby banks. It’s possible to visit La Comer (previously the Mega store) to also pull money out. Be aware that many merchants take credit cards and United States dollars too. Simply ask which currency they prefer before dining or shopping.

  1. Getting Around

In Baja California Sur, the car-rental rates are astoundingly low. Pick out a small SUV for only $25 a day! Rent a car at the SJD airport because of its convenient location near your flight – some of our favorites are Fox’s, Cactus Rental, or Avis. Place your reservation as far in advance as possible of your arrival to secure the best rates. It will require at minimum liability insurance and if your credit card does not include it also collision insurance. Get driving tips from the rental car agency before you leave the airport, and confirm where the spare tire is, as it could be an important piece of cargo! Surprises can happen anywhere, including beautiful San Jose del Cabo.

Don’t forget to fill up the rental car in town before you head out to the beach villa. The roads of East Cape do not have gas stations. Let the attendant you want to fill it up or $500 pesos of gas, often the attendants will point to the pump to show you they are starting at zero.

Driving in San Jose del Cabo is easier than you think – in the roundabouts drivers will yield by making a quick stop to let cars alternate.  Take your time on the roads, and you’ll save gas and wear on the rental car.

  1. Calling Friends and Family

Turn off your cellphone’s roaming feature when you visit Los Cabos, MX, unless you remembered to set up an international package with your provider before leaving home. Many businesses have WiFi  and you’re welcome to use El Colibri’s private WiFi system as a way to connect with the outside world too. Simply use an Internet App such as WhatsApp or Skype to chat with loved ones back home.

  1. Grabbing Some Provisions

All of the comforts of home can be found in San Jose del Cabo. Pick up some basic foods and toiletry items at these stores so that you don’t have to leave El Colibri except for fun excursions. Stores that you recognize are just a short trip away, such as:

  • Walmart
  • La Comer (Mega Superstore)
  • Radio Shack
  • Dominos Pizza
  • Starbucks

We highly recommend the Saturday morning organic market in San Jose del Cabo, San Jose del Cabo Mercado Organico, where you can find fresh produce, cheese, baking and other artisan products and gifts such as jewellery and leather goods.  Wednesday mornings during the tourist season there is also a smaller organic market in Zacatitos that is only 10 minutes from El Colibri. Ideally, explore the local shopping for farmer’s market deals, artistic pieces and more. San Jose del Cabo is full of artistic people who want to share their talents.

  1. Buying Those Necessities

Whether you’re looking for a prescription or over-the-counter remedy, you can find the medications that you need just 20-minutes from our beach villa. Take a look at each street corner, and there’s usually a pharmacy waiting to help you. Alternatively, look for a larger store, such as:

  • Walmart
  • La Comer

They’ll also have medications for sale. Simply pay attention to their business hours when you’re in need of some remedies.

  1. Locating Medical Help

Accidents happen even in paradise so bring your medical insurance information with you to Mexico. Visit these top-rated facilities, including:

These highly regarded facilities are located right in San Jose del Cabo. You can also visit the main Cabo San Lucas area for even more medical choices. You would be expected to pay for your services up front and then apply for reimbursement to your insurance company.

There are literally hundreds of things to do and see around East Cape, Shipwrecks Beach and beyond. If you’re wondering where the day should take you, we can graciously suggest a few selections. When you stay at El Colibri, our hospitality is at your service.

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