Five Great Day Trips on the East Cape in Mexico

There’s so much more to San Jose del Cabo than just the amazing surfing and other watersports. Day trips from your El Colibri beach villa are yours to explore. Whether you’re looking for an exotic location or cultural impact, enjoy a few of these day trips that we recommend to all of our visitors.

  1. Fox Canyon and Santiago Waterfall

Walk through Fox Canyon as you trek down to the base of Santiago Waterfall, and you’ll be transported to another dimension. Because of the flowing water and adjacent ponds, the temperatures are remarkably cool at the falls. Bring your bathing suit, picnic basket and some beach towels so that you can lay under the Fichus shade trees. Head out to Fox Canyon in the morning, and you’ll be able to enjoy the cool region as the afternoon’s heat presses in. Swimming and laying out at the falls is a luxury every visitor should enjoy.

  1. Todos Santos

Rent a car, and drive north to Todos Santos. This historic town offers you pure, Mexican culture as you wander around the museums, theaters and churches. It’s possible to look around Hotel California, which has a unique history dating back to the 1940s. In fact, the Todos Santos region began as a mission when it was founded in 1724. Take a stroll down the streets as you explore art galleries and eclectic restaurants. Don’t miss La Coronela restaurant if you want a real taste of the region.

  1. Cabo Pulmo National Park / Parque Nacional Cabo Pulmo

If you’re visiting Los Cabos, consider a 25-mile trip north to the Cabo Pulmo Park. When you arrive, you’ll notice the stark contrasts in this protected area. The mountain range strikes a pose as it stretches tall above the desert below. Take many photos here as the sun rises or sets across the landscape. Make sure to visit the bay within the park that supports the single, hard-coral reef. You won’t find any other reefs like this in North America. You’re welcome to snorkel or swim in this area as you gain a greater respect for the surrounding flora and fauna. Dive tours are also available.

  1. Cabo Zip Line Tour & ATV Tours

Several operators offer zip line & atv tours that take you into the hills surrounding Los Cabos. This adventure will take the entire day because you’ll want to combine the zip-line experience with rappelling and other adventurous pursuits. The Cabo Adventures Outdoor Zip Line Adventure offers one of the biggest zip lines in the industry. For ATV tours don’t miss Los Encantos ATV adventure. Seek them out when you want a thrill. Don’t forget to explore your surroundings as you discover these adventures because many of these activities are set in the UNESCO protected biosphere, which is a wonder itself.

  1. Cabo San Lucas & Medano Beach

When you want a party, Medano Beach is your ticket to adventure. There are countless vendors, restaurants and bars in this area, and they offer music, food and dancing most of the week. Take a break from all of the partying, however, by heading down to the Cabo San Lucas marina. Boats are constantly taking off to the famous arch. You don’t want to miss this quintessential piece of Los Cabos.

Make your trip down the Baja California Sur, and you’ll discover many other activities and day trips that can complete your getaway. Simply book your vacation rental stay at El Colibri. The adventures can expand out from our spectacular villa as East Cape welcomes you into its open arms.

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