Locals Guide to Shipwreck’s Beach & Surf Break

Surfing in Baja California Sur is one of the major draws of this region, but you need to know where all the best breaks are before you settle in. Shipwreck’s Beach and a stay at El Colibri is what insiders call a match made in surfer heaven. El Colibri overlooks this break so that you can watch the swells develop before hitting the water. Learn all about Shipwreck’s break and how to get here for your next adventure.

Getting Here

Shipwreck’s Beach is a surfing dream because only locals know about its whereabouts. Become a local by heading from the Puerto Los Cabos marina on the perfectly paved road which extends past wild horses and burros for your viewing excitement. Fill a cooler with food and drinks from San Jose del Cabo because you’ll be one with nature very soon. At the end of the paved road, you’ll turn left and continue on a dirt road approximately 2 kilometers to Shipwreck’s Beach.

This break is practically manna from heaven because of the topology of the sea and land. Enjoy the famous right-hand point break and also a returning left-hand swell for all of your surfing adventures. But don’t take our word for it, check out this video of surfing right on Shipwreck’s Beach.

Our villa, El Colibri, overlooks the left side of this natural bay enabling you to step off the terrazzo and directly into the ocean. Hop into your car to head even farther on the dirt road and discover other breaks along the coast, including La Fortuna, Punta Perfecta, Los Zacatitos (Punta Gorda) and Nine Palms. Read up before you come on A Surfers Guide To Cabo.

Gear Up and Learn

In San Jose del Cabo, only 25 minutes from El Colibri, are two surf shops where you can schedule lessons and grab some boards for your vacation. Check out Del Cabo Surf Shop and Desert Barrels for more insider’s tips.

Rent your board, buy some more groceries at the nearby Mega shop and head back to Shipwreck’s Beach. Our villa isn’t equipped with surfing gear, but all you need is the board. Wetsuits in the Sea of Cortez are almost never necessary.

Breaking Down the Details

For those consistent southern swells, visit Shipwreck’s Beach between May and October. Visiting in spring and fall is usually the best times because you miss all of the touristy periods surrounding the summertime. For a more detailed surf report, check out the Shipwrecks Tide Times & Tide Charts taken right along the water.

For the less adventurous, relax at El Colibri by trying out some yoga, reading or watching surfing excitement. Your vacation is yours to carve out as you enjoy the Mexican sun.

Live out your surfing dreams in style by coasting across the break at Shipwreck’s Beach and spending the week at our villa. Your Mexican surfing journey begins in the Sea of Cortez.

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