Off-Grid Living

We are fortunate to be surrounded by nature and we strive to recognize all that it has to offer us, while at the same time being inspired to live responsibly. Come stay with us and feel the freedom of off-grid living!


Our villa and all of its amenities, are completely solar powered and we have invested in some of the best technology to harness the incredible power of the sun.  A back-up generator, as well as our stove, BBQ, and hot water tank are all powered by propane.


Conserving water in a desert environment is obvious and logical.  In our East Cape location, all of the water provided inside and outside of the villa is trucked to the property on a regular basis, so water conservation becomes even more important. The water at El Colibri is filtered, however we provide unlimited bottled water for extra protection.  For your convenience, the kitchen is equipped with a standing cooler and large refill jugs of water for you to use during your stay for drinking and food preparation as desired.


For current villa rental calendar and reservation inquiries contact Carrie at 604 864 1322.


We welcome you to join us in discovering the journey of barefoot blissful living at El Colibri on the East Cape of Los Cabos, Mexico!

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