Spend a Day at the Puerto Los Cabos Marina in San Jose del Cabo

Nestled into a protected waterway, the Puerto Los Cabos Marina is a hidden attraction that can’t be missed when you head down to the end of the Baja Peninsula. Take a 20-minute drive from El Colibri, or 5-minutes from San Jose del Cabo and you’ll be at the marina in no time. Luxury yachts, fishing and other diversions can be explored as you turn right from Blvd. Mijares, head over the large, white bridge and into this watery haven. There’s so much to do at the marina that you may need an entire weekend to explore every ounce of fun the area has to offer.

Fishing Paradise

Baja California Sur is the place to find some of the best fishing anywhere and Los Cabos has been called the marlin capital of the world. Feel like you’re part of a tournament by chartering a boat with Gordo Banks Pangas. Catch fish species, such as:

  • Marlin
  • Sea Bass
  • Tuna
  • Wahoo

Each charter has an expert team who know where the fish like to congregate. Head out in the early morning for a half- or full-day tour. Your guide will help you catch a variety of fresh fish, perfect to enjoy back at the villa or better yet take the fish to almost any restaurant and ask them to prepare it for you!  Simply prepare yourself with sunscreen, a hat and a few snacks as you enjoy the Los Cabos sun.

Hop Into the Water

The trendiest experience in Mexico today is hopping on a Hydro FlyBoard. “If time can fly, so can I.” You will be able to accomplish man´s dream, literally flying over water free to move in 3 dimensions: forward, backward, left, right, over and underwater, it is an everlasting experience!  You’ll definitely need to make a reservation for this activity because everyone wants to float above the water. Snap on these specialized boots as you float in the marina. Powerful water shoots out from the boots as you rise into the air.


Meet a Dolphin

As you cross over the white bridge on your way to the marina, you’ll notice a restaurant and Dolphin Discovery center situated together. Don’t pass this opportunity up because the center has several bottlenose dolphins to swim and play with up close and personal. Kids and adults alike can watch these amazing mammals as they frolic in their watery habitats.

Greet the Flora

The large, white bridge holds another secret near the marina in the form of a botanical garden. Take some time off from relaxing at our East Cape beach villa, and explore the indigenous cacti at Wirikuta.

You’ll be greeted by more than 1,500 types of desert plants, including cacti and succulents. Depending on the time of year, they might be blossoming as you enter the garden.

Gaze at the Native Birds

If you’re a fan of birds, the marina’s neighbor is a perfect place to rest your feet for a few hours. At the San Jose del Cabo estuary, you’ll encounter several bird species, such as:

  • Osprey
  • Egrets
  • Least terns

Home to over 100 species of birds and the splendor they exhibit provides endless entertainment for bird watchers, photographers and nature enthusiasts alike. From the grace of the Egret, to the drama of the Osprey diving for prey, to the Least Tern protecting her tiny nest in the sand, the San Jose del Cabo estuary is a natural preserve worth exploring and is perfectly located between the marina and San Jose del Cabo. You can make an entire day out of exploring the boats, birds and city without a lot of travel time. Cabo remains a visitor’s paradise because of its eclectic activities and attractions.

Get Your Fill

When you’re hungry, explore the various eateries that continue to open up near the El Colibri villa. They will be thrilled to greet you for every meal. Here are a few of our top picks.

The Container – for breakfast, lunch and dinner serves casual food in the perfect open air environment on a large wood deck overlooking the boat slips.  Sip a cool drink and soak in the sun or watch the sunset over the marina – perfect for family dining as well.

The Drunken Sailor – if you are looking for a unique find try this funky beach bar setting located on the left side of road heading to the white hotel El Ganzo.  They serve simple but unique twists on the usual Mexican fare including ceviches and tacos, and of course good margaritas and cold cervesa to wash it down.

El Ganzo – the roof top deck at this modern boutique hotel serves sushi and is perfect place to unwind after a day at the marina.  They close at 5pm so get there early.

Marriott – located just past the marina, this hotel is really not your average Marriott – the architecture is stunning and the hotel boasts some very special spots to eat and drink if your budget allows.

You always have the choice of cooking up your own meal at El Colibri. With a full kitchen, barbecue – and beautiful outdoor dining terrace that is hard to beat – your culinary cravings can be satisfied with a short trip to the nearby market on your return from a day of exploring.

When you’re planning your next holiday, stay at a villa that’s considered a hidden treasure while being accessible to the Los Cabo area. El Colibri is your home away from home. At the end of your vacation, you’ll be tempted to stay longer as the water and community continue to welcome you into their open arms.

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