East Cape: The Best Location for your Next Holiday to Mexico

By far, the Los Cabos region of Mexico is one of the most breathtaking areas in the world. If you want a taste of the Mexican culture without all of the tourist trappings, it’s time to turn your sights to East Cape. Your next vacation rental is waiting in this luxurious location at El Colibri.

Authenticity That Shines Through

The allure of lower East Cape and San Jose del Cabo, MX, is the juxtaposition of the desert and ocean alongside each other. Explore numerous cacti along the desert floor while running into the water after crossing over to the sea. This area is a lesser known region compared to greater Cabo San Lucas. Allow the tourists to stay in the city while you enjoy the slower pace of the real Mexican culture. With so many natural wonders along the coast and tiny shops in San Jose to explore, you may want to make a stay at El Colibri a yearly excursion.

Getting Here is Easy

Fly into the San Jose del Cabo international airport (SJD) with abundant flight options particularly from the west coast of the USA and Canada. Two hours after taking off from Southern California you can be surfing in warm water of the Sea of Cortez. Fly direct from San Diego and Los Angles or look at cities like Phoenix and San Francisco to find some of the best connecting flights every day of the week. American Airlines, Alaska, and United have regular flights into San Jose del Cabo airport, and WestJet is a winner for numerous flight options from western Canadian cities such as: Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Kelowna.

A Slice of Heaven

Local officials have made it a goal to create roads easier to travel on as Los Cabos continues to grow in popularity. In fact, a new paved road now connects the Puerto Los Cabos marina with the lower East Cape region. You still find the simple life when you travel east from the San Jose del Cabo area, however. Our villa is situated right along the beach where you’ll see waves crashing and sea birds soaring. Referred to as Shipwrecks Beach, you’ll see how the namesake became famous as surfers try to brave the swells. Enjoy the seclusion of this beach, and then head out for dinner with only a short 20-minute drive.

Year-round Fine Weather

The consistent, dry weather of the southern Baja peninsula is a vacation delight with sunny skies and a few scattered clouds most of the year.  From November to June the temperature ranges from mid-70 to 90 degrees.  The coolest months are December and January to enjoy the beach during the day without sweltering heat but bring a sweater for evening wear.  From July to September the temperature rises with the most humid months being August and September when you can experience short periods of rain here and there.

Satisfying the Adventure Seekers

Some of the top reasons to visit our eclectic neighborhood of Mexico are to explore the activities in and around lower East Cape, including:

  1. Uncrowded surf breaks in warm-water waves include Los Zacatitos, Shipwrecks, La Fortuna, Nine Palms, Punta Perfecta.
  2. Fishing opportunities at the Puerto Los Cabos marina that will thrill any enthusiast less than 20 minutes away.
  3. World-class golfing for every level in the San Jose del Cabo area that’s just minutes from the villa.
  4. Culinary delights abound from the most casual beach bar to fine dining options that suit any occasion as you explore our neighborhood.

Discover what our beach villa can do for your next vacation. El Colibri is waiting to be booked by adventurous people like you. The bright-blue ocean waves and vibrant town are ready to thrill you on your Mexican adventure.

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